January 1, 2008

Bohemian Press

Exhibition: Bohemian Press
Artist: Jeff Lohaus
Title: “Thais?
Medium: Bronze
Year: 2007

In this Henry Moore-esque bronze by Jeff Lohaus, a looming gargoyle of a misshapen blob has managed to have both brilliance and power. Almost plastic-like in its gleaming smoothness, its skeletal frame, like some sort of overgrown calf’s carcass dipped in bronze, rests deftly on its pedestal by two enormous, bulbous feet. These feet seem to have sprouted branches, spreading out like hollowed-out platypuses in the sky, twisting and turning one’s eyes and mind left and then right, defying space while freezing time. This truly is a powerful piece, one that evokes a rough and abstract majesty that is almost impossible to turn away from. It is unquestionably the sole standout in the collection.