January 1, 2008

Kuhr+Lyons Drawings

Artist: Alexis Kuhr
Title: Domestic Pyramid II, 2007
Medium: Graphite and Inkjet on Paper

Although I can appreciate the clean and minimalist technique Kuhr obviously has a facility for (what’s wrong with white space, anyway?), I couldn’t help but notice there’s a certain sterility, i.e. it's a triangle!, to the piece that just didn’t translate for me. I realize this work is part of a series, but a miniature version of the same triangle, with the same tip dipped in faux wood paneling (minus the “I?) just didn’t make up for the fact that Ms. Kuhr comes off as a primary-shape obsessive. I let my eyes wander from the first piece to the second and back again but it was a losing battle: her triangles had no soul. Maybe it got lost in the wood paneling.