January 9, 2008

River to Infinity - The Vanishing Points

Exhibition: River to Infinity - The Vanishing Points; Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Artist: AndreĆ  Stanislav
Medium: Mixed Media
Year: 2008

WOWZERS. Mirroring ourselves, our perception of the modern world and the natural environment we so eagerly manipulate, Stanislav has created an interactive circus of the cultural hoaxes, the real distasters and the subtle beauty to be found in the world, and our precarious place in it. This truly was an amazing spectacle, a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will never forget. Videos of looming explosions invade the senses and throw one off-kilter, mirrored rivers reflect and reanimate our perception of space and time, crystallized, bejewled headless horses with feathery tails stand at attention - all of it was so overwhelemingly specatcular my head was swimming, spinning while I tried to take it all in. A fascinating work that I can only add effectively seemed to shock and delight participants. Obviously Stanislav did her job.