January 1, 2008

Spiritual Suspense

Christine Lenzen

This photo series explores the tradition and art of body suspension through dramatic and well-lit b&w photos. After seeing this photo series, I want to see similar photos in color. Many of the photographs have blood and I imagine this contrast of the silver hooks, rubbery flesh and thick blood would be quite incredible. The b&w works to nearly eliminating the 'gross-out factor' and invite the straight and narrow to investigate and appreciate body suspension without being disgusted and turned off by vivid blood, metal and flesh. She discusses the historical and present significance of body suspension in reaching new levels of consciousness and exploring one's own body. Her artist statement does a great job of informing viewers of the history and meaning behind the unusual photographs.
My only aesthetic suggestion and critique is that she did not explore many of the angles and composition possibilities. I feel that she could have also represented and alluded to the experience of body suspension in her photographs rather than merely presenting images of body suspension.