January 5, 2008

Visiting Artist: Amy Youngs

Most of the time when I go to the visiting artist lectures they are boring and the artists are smug and snobbish. Amy Youngs was different. She was just like anyone else... except that she makes amazing art. My favorite piece she made was a miniature living room for crickets. There was a little tv that displayed the viewer of the piece via camera and a micro phone that would translate talking into cricket chirps. She has set up relationship between us and the crickets. The crickets live in a little room furnished as if it was one of our rooms complete with a little TV showing our face. The sounds of the crickets are mic'd and pumped through speakers outside the box to us. We can then talk back to them through a telephone that translates our voice into cricket chirps. Youngs has created a two way interaction between the crickets and us.