January 5, 2008

Visiting Artist: Matt Ryle

Matt Ryle is the production designer for Matthew Barney who is famous for his Cremaster Cycle films. Before the screening of Barney’s new film "De Lama Lamina", Ryle talked about filming with Barney and how crazy he can be. He didn't talk about himself too much. It was like he was representative of Matt Barney. I didn't stay for the round table discussion afterwards mostly because after seeing "De Lama Lamina" I had to step outside to get some air. It's a very strange movie. It's about a "float", if you can call a huge tree carrying tractor a float, in a parade while Ogan, the god of metal tools, growth and destruction has sex with the drive shaft. The tractor is carrying a huge tree that has phallic white stumps and someone who resembles that woman who stayed up in a tree for over a year in protest. Ryle commented on how they tried to get her to be the tree women in the movie but she didn’t want to pollute the air by flying over. The scenes cut between the parade goers, the girl in the tree and Ogan having his way with the tractors drive shaft. The whole film has references of creation and destruction peppered with metal tools. It was all very confusing and a lot to take in. The cinematography was amazing. He really explored the space even when there wasn’t much to work with, like under the trackter. It was thought provoking in an uncomfortable way. You can only watch a man with a turnip coming out his butt having sex with a drive shaft for so long