January 1, 2008


Hello! My name is Mike Ballard and this is my entire biography. I have lived the majority of my life in the notoriously dull area of the Iron Range – Virginia MN to be specific – until I made my escape, with my wife – fiancée then – in 2006. Saint Paul is currently my place of refuge.
I only remember one memory of myself as a baby and it was eating sand on a beach in Florida while feeding seagull’s cheeto’s – it was a family trip to Disney World.
I guess I wasn’t the smartest baby, but I think I figured it out; see my mom ate fish while she was pregnant with me, and apparently, the mercury in fish can decrease a child’s IQ… I don’t blame her though because I like fish too.
From my toddler days until early teens, I usually mark my memory timeline with injuries
I received at different ages: 3 years old, falling off the back of the family van and receiving four or five stitches in the back of my head; 4 or 5 years old, picking rocks on a trip out west, fell and punctured another hole in my forehead, receiving a couple of more stitches; 6 or 7 playing on monkey bars, fell again, broke my arm in two places; 9 or 10, basketball related accident causing a dislocated pinky; and the list goes on into my teens with two football related accidents resulting in a broken arm and another dislocated finger. Okay, so maybe I was never really that smart or cautious, but I think I recovered.
After a life of childhood injuries I became interested with music – which I never had an in injury in – and I played drums in the high-school concert, jazz, and marching band as well as in a little high-school band. The band I was in was called “Dynamic Sun? it was fun, but in most regards it was pretty lame.
After high-school, I decided to save some money by going to the community college in Virginia, and during that time, the film North Country was to be shot. Fortunately, I was able to get on with the production and work as a PA or gopher and that’s when I really started to get in to film. Since then I have been going to school for film here at the U.