January 1, 2008

Play With Fire

Metal Sculpture

The first day I came to class for Introduction to Time and Interactivity, I along with the rest of my class mates were locked out of the lab until Cheryl showed up; so, following the other students lead, I picked a spot on the benches to sit.
I happened to sit down next to Joseph Herrick’s piece, “Cleanliness is Godliness?. It was what appeared to be a metal impression of a mop head, with an actual wooden handle coming out of the top, and dirty liquid leaking from it onto and off of the white block it was set atop. It was simple to me, but very meaningful. The liquid was actually oil, which was poured onto the metal impression and ran off the white block. The way the oil was captured in the crevasses, gave it a some what more real life, or purposeful meaning.
Looking closer at the metal impression, I found that it was actually some sort of handbag or article of clothing that was wrapped around and fastened to the wooden pole. This art piece, for me, meant a political statement about the corruption of oil and how it stains everyone (meaning that the metal handbag impression symbolizes the material lifestyle of humans and it is covered with oil). At least that’s how I interpreted it. Great piece!