January 1, 2008


Selma got adopted yesterday. She was one of the rabbits up for adoption at the West St. Paul Petco adoption event on Sunday. She had been fostered by my friend, Alicia, who also has 3 more bunnies of her own.
Alicia and Selma picked me up in their car and I sat shotgun with Selma in my lap, well, more sprawls across my chest. She is a big bunny; much bigger than my bunny Maurice. She was so sweet, she licked my neck and crawl up to the shoulder, then she fell behind me so unbuckled my seatbelt and she fell down and sat on the seat…she stole my seat! So I ended up sitting/kneeling on the passenger side floor while Selma sat in the seat. oh well.
She was wearing this harness and matching leash that had formerly belonged to my late bunny, Timmy. when we got to Petco, I let her walk around and of course she attracted attention from the customers. Two little girls came to pet her and her parents came to ask about her. I think the dad totally wanted her, though his wife didn’t seem to feel the same…
well, Selma went on some dates with potential suitors and then there was Caerbannog the little polka dotted Rex boy. They hit it off. The couple adopted Selma! yay. I’m so happy for her. but I was sorta sad to say good bye to her…
I took some pictures…