January 1, 2008

Angus Fairhurst

I revisited the bronze gorilla in the courtyard of the Chambers Art Hotel, but I could not see the title tag since it was covered in snow, but I looked it up and I think it is called, "A Couple of Differences Between Thinking and Feeling" made in 2003(?)
I guess art with animal subject matter always draws my attention...I feel bad for the poor gorilla with the missing right arm, but looking at his face he does not seem to be devastated. so he's looking at his chopped off arm on the ground before him, and he seems to be contemplating his predicament. He is "thinking" of what has happened to him, rather than "feeling" the magnitude of his tragedy and pain. he seems very detached and not seem to be suffering. I almost want to wake him up!
I think the scene seems very sterile because of the lack of color. there's no blood or gore. the texture on the sculpture is pretty rough and unrefined, so it looks more as if the arm fell off of a gorilla sculpture, like the Venus de Milo...
The gorilla had massive muscles, especially the shoulder blades, the buttocks. the head had a pointy conehead and massive brow ridge. I like it's location outside surrounded by tables and it looks like it's "mooning" the Ice Bar, haha...