January 1, 2008

Kuhr + Lyon + drawing

Alexis Kuhr
graphite on paper

I liked the group of three that looked like plaid weavings or wood veneer strips. I’m amazed at the lines made by graphite, and wonder whether it was handdrawn with the help of a straight edge or she used some sort of contraption like those 5 chalk holding things music teachers use to draw scales on the blackboard…
I liked the stripes and overlapping plaid patterns the pencil made on the paper. I had to get up real close to see each mark. otherwise it could be taken as a bunch of weavings.
very geometric yet organic and handmade. well, if I free associate, it reminds me of apple pie crusts and garden lattices with climbing vines, madra plaid shorts, looms…
but, mostly I was amazed at the fine lines and keep wondering about her technique…