January 4, 2008

Walker Art Center: Wurst Series

Peter Fischli and David Weiss
Wusrst Series 1979
Chromomeric prints

Here are a set of ten framed photos. “Wursts� or wieners are made in to cars or dressed up like people with peanut shell mustaches and bottle cap hats. One photo depicts the ocean liner Titanic surrounded by Styrofoam ice caps. At first this series has a very childlike playful aura about them. Like Legoland buidings and dress up dolls. But the underlying theme is that of natural and human made disasters. Cardboard buildings up in flames! Dangerous mountain climbing expedition amid bed sheets and pillows!

With the use of cigarette butts as human figures and dill pickles among cold cut deli slices, serious themes can be less intimidating to tackle.
I seem to be drawn to play food and imaginary worlds created with ordinary household objects…