January 1, 2008

Techtonic Industry

For this exhibit, I was not able to spend very much time. I was sad because it seemed so interesting and I wished I could've checked it out a little more. I stumbled upon a video which was playing. It was called "Innovative Touch." I did not catch who it was by. It showed many different pictures that all seemed to fit into a movie. Every shot was so different, yet somewhere they worked together. I believe it was because it showed people doing what they loved to do. There was a variety of things going on such as someone painting, then it would move on to a different photograph of someone working with metal. After it was done, I started to think about it. Why did a movie of many different photographs capture my attention? I think it was because of the difference in every picture. I was almost excited to see what picture would come up next! Like I said earlier, I wish I would've been able to spend more time because there was so much to see!