January 1, 2008


The piece I chose was Santiago Cucullu’s ’12 prints’. The colored lines seemed to me like a brain and the pictures were the memories stamped in the brain forever. I also liked how the lines were colorful but the memories were black and white, like old photographs. I responded to the idea that you were able to display the panels however the viewer chose to. That was very a very interesting and different approach.

I was very impressed with the Chambers Hotel. I thought their presentation was spectacular. I guess I expected it to be somewhat intimidating considering it’s a very high-end hotel with a gallery included. The atmosphere seemed very relaxed and comfortable. That’s not always the case when it comes to art galleries, at least in my experience.

There were so many pieces that jumped out at me that I am definitely taking my family back there to see them. I thought the stairwell was done very tastefully for it being graffiti art. I know my kids will really like the gorilla in the courtyard too.