January 1, 2008

Lyon + Kuhr+ Drawing

It was hard for me to choose which piece I wanted to talk about since there were three that really caught my eye. “The witch tree torso� by Hazel Bevo was very dark and narly. Alexis Kuhr’s ‘Untitled’ series was amazing with the texture of her graphite on paper. I decided on ‘Hildegard’s Home’ by Elizabeth Erickson because no matter where I was in the gallery, I caught myself going back to it. The colors are brilliant and beautiful. I felt as though I was looking through a stained glass window with some kind of rain or sleet hitting the outside and a hint of sunlight coming through the middle. Almost like a glint of hope shining through the storm. Not to sound cliché but I feel very connected to this piece with stuff that has happened to me recently.