January 1, 2008

Paradise and Purgatory

“Two shades of Gray� by Fawnia Khan showed me the two sides of love. Two birds perched in opposite direction, both of them with beautiful, flowing tails. One tail was sparkly, smooth and a lighter shade of gray. The other tail was full, ruffled and a darker shade of gray.

“Love Martian� by Jeff Lohaus was awesome. I loved that he used the green tint. It was a nice small piece made out of aluminum cast that made me think of how hard love is to interpret or understand that it can almost seem alien. But maybe this Love Martian was like a cupid and helped people to fall in love.

Paradise and Purgatory

I was informed there were two different floors that had pieces, not sure if they were from the same exhibit. So I chose one from both floors.

The exhibit on the first floor was by Cheryl Wilgren Clyne. “Three that were you� was so beautiful and sweet. The model looked so peaceful and serene. The feather shapes added a nice soft texture, almost protecting and cradling the child. She used that same model in two other pieces as well.

The fourth floor had the ‘Paradise and Purgatory� exhibit. The piece that really caught my attention was ‘Ezekiel 1:5’ by Josie Lewis. The colors were very bright and beautiful. It was a smaller piece so it took a moment for me to notice that it was a very intricate collage of eyes that made up the shape of the fish. My interpretation would be leaning more towards paradise more than purgatory.