August 23, 2007

21 days invitation to exhibit


Elizabeth Jeffries, Max Schollett and guests at the open studio exhibition event.
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August 22, 2007

NYC Contemporary Art World: Field Study + Residency

Sonja Peterson working in the studio. (clwc)
Drew Peterson (clwc)

NYC Contemporary Art World: Field Study + Residency taught by Andréa Stanislav. Spring Semester in MN + three weeks in NYC.
Cheryl Wilgren Clyne, Travis T. Freeman, Katie Hart, Gail Heidel, Sam Hoolihan, Elizabeth Jeffries, Josie Lewis, Lora Madjar, Kasey Miklik, Drew R. C. Peterson, Sonja Peterson, Tim Roby, Max Schollett, Emily J. Snyder, R. Justin Stewart.
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July 21, 2007

Our dinner with Clarence Morgan

Clarence Morgan, Chair, Department of Art, University of Minnesota, visited the class in their studio and took all the students out to dinner at Moustache in the West Village.
Clarence Morgan, Andréa Stanislav and Travis Freeman (clwc)
90 Bedford St., New York, NY 10014 between Barrow and Grove Sts.212-229-2220

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May 28, 2007

Jonathan Lasker


Jonathan Lasker in his studio, Emily Snyder on the left. (clwc)

For the first 21 days group event we visited Jonathan Lasker in his studio. (May 22 10:00 a.m.) He was extremely generous with his time and answered all of our questions. He also gave each of us a signed hard copy book of an exhibition of his work.

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Printed Matter

Sam Hoolihan and Tim Roby at Printed Matter (clwc)

We met Max Schumannat Printed Matter in Chelsea for a talk and tour on Thursday, May 31st at 1pm.
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Materials for the Arts

Entire class at Materials for the Arts. (clwc) We met on May 23 1:30 pm at Materials for the Arts.
33-00 Northern Boulevard, 3rd Floor Long Island City, NY 11101
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Artists Space

Andréa Stanislav, Dean Lozow and Mauricio Arango. (clwc)

Met with artist Mauricio Arango, who is part of the Whitney Independent Study Program 2007, to discuss the exhibition he is part of at Artists Space. 38 Greene Street 3rd floor.
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Exit Art

Sarah Ryhanen, Sam Hoolihan and Justin Stewart (clwc)

Visited Exit Art on May 29 at 12:00 and met with Sarah Ryhanen. Exit Art / 475 Tenth Ave New York, NY 10018 T. 212 966 7745
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Anthology Film Archive

Jonas Mekas at Anthology. (SP)

May 24 from 1:00-3:00 met with Jonas Mekas Founder and John Mhiripiri Director of Anthology Film Archive.

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Plane Space

Exterior detail, interior gallery Plane Space.

Met with Chad MacDermid. 102 Charles Street
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The Drawing Center

Sam Hoolihan sends a fax outside the Drawing Center. (clwc)

Met with Nina Katchadourian May 22 at 2pm at The Drawing Center.
35 Wooster St., New York, NY 10013 nr. Grand St. 212-219-2166
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Steven Rand and Baci. (clwc)

We visited Steven Rand founder of Apexart 10:00 a.m. May 30.
291 Church Street (between Walker and White)
New York, NY 10013 USA tel. +212 431 5270
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Art in General

Travis Freeman, Tim Roby and Mariela the gallery assistant at Art in General. (clwc)

Art in General 5/30/2007 at 5 P.M.
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May 27, 2007

Sonja Peterson

"Ozymandias" an installation created on site for the class by Sonja Peterson

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cheryl wilgren clyne

"nearly snow" digital video part of an installation project

artist resume

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