August 22, 2007

NYC Contemporary Art World: Field Study + Residency

Sonja Peterson working in the studio. (clwc)
Drew Peterson (clwc)

NYC Contemporary Art World: Field Study + Residency taught by Andréa Stanislav. Spring Semester in MN + three weeks in NYC.
Cheryl Wilgren Clyne, Travis T. Freeman, Katie Hart, Gail Heidel, Sam Hoolihan, Elizabeth Jeffries, Josie Lewis, Lora Madjar, Kasey Miklik, Drew R. C. Peterson, Sonja Peterson, Tim Roby, Max Schollett, Emily J. Snyder, R. Justin Stewart.
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May 18, 2007

general info for the class

these are note from Dean-

Studio at 44 West 28th Street

Access to the studio is 24 hr with a doorman Monday thru Friday -- no doorman on weekends -- guests must be met at street level on Saturday and Sunday to be let in.

DO NOT let in unfamiliar people on the weekends when receiving your guests.

There will be 24 hour access on June 8th for clean up after the opening.
There are 22 studio spaces, each are 6x8, a full kitchen and the entire space is Wi Fi -- there is also a crit room that is 15x20.

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