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Animation Response

Today we watched an animation called “Utopia in Progress� created by Jenny Schmid. I enjoyed the animation. I think Schmid did a great job in this short animation.

I believe the animation was a combination of printmaking that were using in a stop-motion effect to give the illusion of animation. While the animation was not very fluid, the music added helped the animation give some motion in my eyes. The music was changed often to notify a scene or character change in the animation. A good combination of music that matched well with each scene added to my enjoyment.

The background for the animation consisted of a variety of pictures. Sometimes there were multiple layers working around the printmaking to help give more depth to the animation. Multiple times throughout the animation the drawings were made larger or smaller to help give scale with the background it was working with. This helped give a three-dimensional feel to the two-dimensional objects.

Overall, I enjoyed this animation. My favorite effect was at the end where purple bubbles emitted from the girl playing on the drums. The bubbles grew in scale and got larger until they covered the screen entirely.