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B.A./B.F.A. Exhibit

The pieces of work that caught my eye as soon as I walked into the gallery were some interesting cartoon figures all located in paintings with abstract backgrounds.

These cartoon figures are unlike anything that I was used to seeing. The figures themselves had a very sadistic look, almost like each and every one was a trouble maker, or evil in some kind of way. They look like the japanese cartoon character you might see in your nightmares. The creative artist that created these Acrylic pieces on canvas was Pavel Sepelenko. Some of the many titles for the pieces he created were " Robotshake", "Messer", and "North" (2006). The colors that he used in his pieces also caught my eye because they were brilliant but not overpowering, and he used a wide scale of colors, hues, and did a good job at contrasting them so they stand out to the eye, but aren't too much for the viewer. He also did a good job on taking his paintings and bringing them to life (in a sense) by creating a couple figures much like the ones in his paintings, two of them made of brass, wood, and steel, "Four Ducks of Apocalypse" & "Pollution". These looked as if they walked right out of one of his paintings, which really impressed me that he was able to create these characters on and off of the canvas equally as well.