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Brice Aarrestad



Brice Aarrestad
Senior Undergraduate Architecture

Music is my life. It began with my family. My father is a conductor and music educator. My mother is a talented vocalist. My older brother is a drummer in three rock bands and making plans to relocate to Nashville to progress as a performer. My little brother, who is in 6th grade, just started playing trumpet. And I play lead trumpet in the U of M Marching Band and Jazz III Bands.

The connection between art and architecture is prevalent and easily observable. I, however, am interested in exploring a connection between architecture and music. I am interested in creating environments with traditional materials and with sound. I have been influenced artistically by the improvisation of jazz musicians and the effortless freedom of the best performers. I would like to record this freedom and effortless musical expression as a building. Architecturally I am drawn to the work of Diller + Scofidio (Blur Building in Switzerland especially), Zaha Hadid’s built work, and always Frank Gehry. With these architects, the idea is the cornerstone and the thoughtful expression of the idea is seemingly limitless. This is much like a jazz soloist where the chord changes construct the idea and the expression of the musician is bound only to the idea of the chord structure.