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Chambers Hotel Response

First I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed visiting the Chambers Hotel.
It was really exciting to look at all of the piece of work and to receive a tour.
I also enjoyed listening to Jennifer Phelps describe each piece of work and why
it was placed in certain spots of the hotel. The work I observed at the hotel
was created by Gavin Turk in 2004. It is called “Pile? and is created in a form
of painted bronze.

I found this piece to be very interesting since when I first saw
it I didn’t even notice it as being art. A worker at the hotel was moping
the floor next to it and I just considered it trash. There were five black
trash bags on the floor in the corner. They looked very real. As well I
was able to notice which appeared like boxes and other items inside the
trash bags that appeared to be trying to poked through the bag. It truly
seemed like there were just trash bags laying on the floor of the hotel.
I was shocked to hear then that this was a piece of work. Gavin
Turk takes everyday objects such as bin bags, sleeping bags, and coffee
cups and cast them in bronze. He then paints them to look real. It was also
stated that “his work is wry and ironic, underlying the way artists can
transform an objects value and confer a canonical status to something that
is literary ‘rubbish’ and usually overlooked.? I believe this explanation
fits his work perfectly since I had the same reaction to it the first time
I saw it.