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Chambers Response

To be perfectly honest, I was not planning on being terribly “wowed� by the Chambers Hotel visit; when first hearing of it, I was planning on seeing just another simple art gallery. While the trips to the other museums were an excellent opportunity to get exposed to lots of art and artists (and unique work, particularly within digital mediums), I had not yet felt a real connection and appreciation for the work I was viewing. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Chambers hotel changed all that.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Chambers hotel changed all that. I was presented with incredibly striking, highly skilled works of art that were at times downright jaw-dropping, including a photo-realistic sculpture in the café lobby of the hotel (I’m afraid I didn’t record the name of the piece).
However, before going in to detail about the works of art, it is worthwhile to explain the aesthetic qualities of the hotel itself. The chambers hotel has an immensely beautiful interior. This makes sense, considering that the owner of the hotel, has very particular tastes in visual aesthetics. Naturally, a concern for the the interior décor of his hotel is an extension of his affection towards beautiful works of art. Chambers is beautiful from end to end, with a striking café that showcases beautiful works of art, a unique, open fireplace, and a white color scheme that gives the room a clean, comfortable feeling. Indeed, everything about the room makes you feel relaxed and comfy. The same thing extends to the restaurant and the individual rooms (each featuring an original artwork; though I would have to write a whole new essay just to explain the aesthetics of these rooms).
Just as with the café, bedding rooms, and restaurant, several other interior areas of Chambers showcase artistic visual elements that make it such a truly striking place; the most notable of these being the graffiti collage featured on the walls of the staircase. The collage, titled “Juxtaposition,� was completed by seven Minnesotan artists. It the collage features images that are representative of Minnesota, including fish, the unofficial “state bird� (the mosquito), the light rail, and much more. The images all interweave in a complex story, detailing the four basic elements of Earth as well as outlining several other ideas. For example, the foreign words like “Oumar�(Beauty) and “Pubar�(Wisdom) are featured in the work alongside numerous symbolic images, such as Mother Earth (a symbol of beauty) and Dragons (symbolic of wisdom) while water, another central element in Minnesotan culture, connects the entire piece together.
Though the symbolism and intricacies of the piece is interesting, the most important part of “Juxtaposition� is actually its cultural significance. “Juxtaposition� was created by youth taken from the streets of Minneapolis and served as a practical application for them to be seen and to make a difference in another area of American culture. The Chambers hotel served as a tool for these artists to be exposed, and indeed, the work later spawned several commissions for some of them. Part of graffiti’s charm is that it is an art form that people don’t need to go to a gallery to enjoy; they can see it right out in the open. Chambers hotel seems to be the perfect example of this same idea, allowing artwork to be exposed to the right audience; the public.