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Chambers Response

One of the most ironic works in the place would have to be the “statue� by Damien Hurst named “Judas Escariot�. Although most label this as a sculpture, it is most out of the ordinary when compared to others think a piece of sculpture is.

Returning to Chambers was an exciting time for me. I have visited Chamber’s Hotel and Restaurant on my own, usually at nighttime, and have enjoyed revisiting the nightlife time and time again. There is a very modern feel to the hotel, and to complement it are contemporary pieces of art, located down every corridor, every hallway, and every room of Chambers. Returning during the daytime gave Chambers a different feel to me, at night it feels more like a nightclub in a way, and in the daytime it has more of a museum feel. Being able to finally go through the hotel and having the chance to take an up close and personal look at each and every piece in the hotel gave me an even greater respect for the work and thought put into this hotel (the hotel and restaurant are pieces of artwork themselves!).
Usually when people think about a piece of sculpture, you think of something carved out of marble, or some kind of stone; this piece of sculpture is made out of flesh and blood. Okay, maybe not blood, but what sits soaking in a tank of formaldehyde is the fleshy remains of a cattle head. The funny thing is that this grotesque piece of artwork is located right behind the main checkout area for guests in this hotel. The interesting part is that as guests check in, most do not recognize what lies behind the counter, and they often dismiss it as a fake head if they do take notice.
I think that this piece is one of the most interesting because of the fact that it is a real head of a cow, but because of its placement, lighting, and other factors much like these, most do not recognize it, and if they do, they do not pay much attention to it. You would think that something this real, and to some, this disgusting, would attract much more attention than it gets, but this just shows the power of a curator and how much the curator can effect the viewing of a piece of artwork.