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Dave Mckean Response

I recently wrote a paper analyzing mthological elements in the film Mirrormask. I had never seen the movie before, but I knew it had been written by Neil Gaiman, whom I love, so I was very excited.

I ended up loving the movie, and I discovered the artist Dave Mckean, who has worked with Neil many times in the past. I guess I hadn't paid much attention to it before. He created all of the art for the movie, and also directed it. I went to his website, and now he's one of my favorite artists. Everything he does is dark and twisted.

On of my favorite shots from the film is of two giants floating in the sky. They appear to be made out of stone but can move freely. They are intertwined with oneanother and have little black holes for eyes. They're so massive, everything else is dwarfed in the shot. It's odd to see such massive beings, that seem to weigh a ton, floating in the air so gracefully.


His website if filled with amazing images. He paints, draws, shoots film, and does photography. He is an extremely talented man.