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Documenting China

The Documenting China exhibit was not exactly what I expected when I went over to the Weisman Art Center. I was surprised to find the entire exhibit to be photographs. I found the exhibit to be very interesting nonetheless. In my opinion, every single photograph sort of tells a story. They do a really good job of expressing the lifestyle of the individuals in each picture. For example, the photo of the elderly lady by Jiang Jian shows a lot about the woman's environment. She is bundled up in heavy clothing, so it appears she is in a cold climate. Also, the woman has very few belongings around her. There are a few pictures on the walls, but nothing fancy. The furniture looks to be pretty worn down too. Looking at all of the different photos, I see a lot of different kinds of lifestyles, and changes through time. They range from old, run down photographs of people who appear to be struggling to get by in life, to modern, well-kept, people with contemporary architecture in the background. It is very cool how this exhibit really is like a timeline of Chinese history and culture. I think it can teach a lot to those who really observe the photographs.