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Documenting China Response

For the Documenting China I chose the artwork called “untitled" (no.8) 2002 by Zhou Ming. This artwork drew my attention mainly because it there was a dragon in the picture. Like the little descriptions on the side of the picture the dragon represents strong and power. I really like it; it was different from the others because the dragon took up almost all of the upper right of the photo.

The whole artwork was a photo that was shot in china. It was mainly in black and white. For me at least that shows the different types of shade possible. Also there were people near the bottom of the photo. It made the photo more alive because they were on the move so it made it artwork more animated then just plainly standing. I do not mean to offend Zhou Ming’s other photo shots were they were sitting or standing. It just seems that “untitled? (no. 8) was more interesting. In the background there was construction being done to a building. To me it seems to symbolize that they are hardworking people and on the move. Kind of like that each step they make has a meaning to it. I like how the photo was angled. I do not know how to use a camera but I do enjoy looking at art with people who can use it well. The light was very good because it really lit up the photo. Almost everything in the artwork had light in it making it very clear to see what Ming wanted in the photo.

I do not enjoy a lot of photo artworks mainly if it was in black and white, but Ming really changed my mind and made me more open to this kind of media. In his other photos found in the Documenting China exhibit I could feel the feelings of each person that he took a picture of. Each one with a different emotion: sadness, joy, loneliness, pain, curiosity, and a sense of family. Many of the photos were shot with people by themselves or with family or friends. But to me I still believe that “untitled? (no. 8) really stood out from the rest. It did not have a direct person to look at so you are unable to feel the emotion in it but the dragon seems to sum up the feeling. That is maybe why that many of his photos are untitled, maybe there is no real word or feeling that can name it.