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Documenting China Response

When I saw the exhibit, I was really excited to see that they were simply displayed, mostly large scale photographs. For me, this type of exhibit lets me absorb the content much more and the reality of China's growth and change.

The image that struck me most was one of main photographs by Zhou Hai. He took it in Hebi, Henan, 1999 and it pictured an industrial worker in front of what looks to be a type of factory. It stuck out to me due to not only the extremely well-displayed content but also the amazing use of artistic principals. Because the man in the photograph is addressing the camera, it creates an intense urge for the viewer (at least for me) to study his face. The man doesn't seem too old but his face seems worn and tired. However, his gaze suggests persistance and inner strength. Due to these perceptions, the photograph takes on more meaning than just a man in front of a factory. The shift from rural to urban, farm to industry seems obvious although implied. The artistic components utilized by the artist work together to emphasize the man's figure. Contrast of white fog or smoke behind the man seems to set him quite forward in the picture plane which makes it feel more personal, like he is closer, to me-the viewer. With many of the photographs there, this effect was well used by the photographers. Many of the photographs felt intimate which was interesting because the subjects in the pictures are half-way around the world. I thought that Zhou Ming did an extremely good job of selecting the photographs as I was engaged with a photograph for a long time yet yearned to see the next. I don't feel like that in every exhibit. It was very interesting and I learned much more than I thought by just viewing the photographs and exploring their content, and observing the artistic components.