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Documenting China Response

The piece by Zhou Ming taken in 2002 was very interesting. The photo is composed of bunch small birdcages hanging outside. This is an odd composition because of the placement of cages. Every small sized birdcage I have ever seen has been inside the home, not hung outside of one. The birds in the cages also seem to be common everyday birds you see flying round and not in cages. They might bird beautiful colored birds that are meant to stay in cages but we cannot tell because the photo is in black and white. Also, if these birds were very colorful, then the question yet again arises, why are then outside? In the background, we can see a person biking who appears to also be looking at the birdcages. Perhaps he is wondering the same thing we are. Also, the city in the back does not seem to be the nicest area in town. These cages might seem a little less peculiar if they were hanging from the penthouse loft in a ritzy downtown area. This photo really makes you wonder so many things about it.