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"Enchanted" Exhibit

One of the pieces that stands out in this whole exhibit is the bright and extremely colorful "C-36" (2007) by Erik Ullanderson.

Made of glitter, flaste, enamel, hologram stickers, and metal foil, this piece is large with vibrant colors and fantastic shapes, and the items such as metal foil and hologram stickers allow this piece to use the surrounding light in genius ways. Automatically when you look at the piece, it brings you to a place of rainbows, unicorns, and acid trips from back in the late 60's. The technique he used to create the layout of his work of art reminds me of posters, ads, and art I've seen created in the 60's and 70's, with retro shapes and colors schemes. This piece also reminds me of something that a young girl might put together. It brings me back to coloring books with stickers and markers. The materials that Erik used were materials I used back in elementary school during arts and crafts, except for the photos he incorporated into the piece. He used pictures as a background to work on as he built up the surroundings with bands of color and different shapes. He took probably about 7 different pictures, built up the color in different layers, and then took the final pieces and put them together to resemble one large piece of artwork. Overall it was a fun piece that brought a smile to my face. :-)