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Enchanted Exhibit

The exhibit, at least to me is as it says and "Enchanted Exhibit." It was very cool. Espically the art that was done on the walls. Though I can not recall the name, I was in rush. For this exhibit I will be talking about a video that was in the exhibit. There was only two but this certain one stood out. Mainly because it made enough noise that I wanted to figure out what the heck it was.

The video was called Catch and Release by Dina Spungin. Before I get to her piece I would like to say that I found some artworks to be very distrubing. Sadly I can not recall the artist name. I took the long way to find the video and was caught but a redish glow. I thought it was something cool that I could write about. I was wrong, though it is art to some people, to me it almost made me throw-up. Mainly because it was a whole group of heads and people or hearts comeing out of thier mouths. They were in red so it made it look like a horror exhibit. Though I mean no offence I am glad it was in the corner of the Exhibit. Back to Dina Spungin, yeah it was really interesting. I have never seen anyone kiss a frog except in cartoons. It was very fun to watch, thought I found it kind of bizarre. Her discription about the connection between her tattoos and the coloring frog was hard to understand. If I ever get the chance I would like to meet her in person to get the answer.