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Festival of Appropriation 1

The artwork in this exhibit was all so different. There were paintings, collages, sculptures, and video. It was all great. There was one artist in particular that I enoyed the most.

Micheal Thomsen had several great sculptural pieces. My favorite is titled The Pony Show. It looks like a pony taken from a carousel, but it looks like it's been made out of wax. The inside of the horse is open, and is lined with tube lights that periodically light up. On its forehead is a compass with pencils stuck around it which looks like a halo. Everything is painted with dark, cool colors. Almost everything is blue and purple, but there's some brown and green too. Behind the horse is a long thin mirror. There are a lot of rubber balls and globes painted and glued on the horse. There's a gothic sort of old-fashioned feel about the horse. It's something familiar and innocent remade into something dark and complicated. I loved it.