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Festival of Appropriation response

Festival of Appropriation was not what I expected it to be at all. It was very interesting mainly because it had many artist mediums including film, 
collage, sculpture and stuffed animals. I found it quite interesting that stuffed animals was considering art.

Then again my own knowledge of art is very limited as well. So I really have not right to criticize the artwork that was done. I just found it different that stuffed animals could be considering art. There were a lot of artist I have never even heard of before but the one that mainly caught my attention was Micheal Thomsem. It was called God Clock and it was mixed media created in 2007. I do not know why I was really drawn to this artwork. Maybe it was the gold gilding that gave me a warm feeling. Maybe that was the reason why, it kind of gave me a calm and made me stop. Mainly why is that I was in a rush to get home, but God Clock just made me stop and think.

Yeah I don’t really know as to why I really stopped to look at his artwork. It seems religious and I tend to move away from artwork like that. It was mainly because I don’t like that kind of artwork. I like the beauty of the art and tend to avoid thinking too hard on the meaning. I also went to the website and look at other works done by him and it made me say, “what in the heck is in this dude’s mind?? I was really strange and different, but unique. One of his artwork was a horse with other items on its back. I thought it looked like something from a game, then again I did not have my glasses. I enlarge it and say the items on the horses back. I would look forward to seeing more of his artwork in the future.