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Flipbook Process Statement

I’m actually sort of proud of the techniques I used in making this flipbook. My main concern with creating it was visual continuity; that is, I was worried about how successful I would be with creating a convincing illusion of motion. This was the closest thing I’d ever done to animation, and while the results were, in my opinion, less than spectacular, I did learn from it.

To create a rough center for the circle that is the main character (representing the world) in this short vignette, I punctured a small hole in the center of the paper (through several layers so it would be in the same place on each page) and used that as a working point. I proceeded to draw rough, incongruous circles around this organic, pre-human earth. I simply pressed the woodless pencil down hard so the next page would have a visible impression of it, and I could roughly trace it.
Then, when the age of humans began in my little story, the earth had to take on a more artificial feel. Instead of continuing to draw my little worlds freehand, I used a Powerade cap as a stencil to create perfect circles. I was especially proud of this for some reason.
Overall, I’d say making this flipbook was a valuable learning experience, although I wouldn’t exactly say that animation is now my destiny. I think I lack the overall discipline required for such a time and labor-intensive process.