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Fresh Works Response

The work I decided to observe was created by Aaron Schmidt in
2007. It was a stainless steal sculpture laying on the floor, called
“M.A.D. (mutually assured destruction)�.

The sculpture depicts two skeletons wrestling. It isn’t possible
to tell if they are male or female. One of the skeletons has its back
laying on the ground with the other is on top of it. The one on top obviously
seems more dominant since it is winning the struggle. The skeleton on top is
strangling the other skeleton by the neck with its left hand and holding
down the skeleton the bottom’s left hand with his right hand. While the skeleton
on the bottom is trying to push the top skeleton off.
I thought this was an interesting piece and a great sculpture to
look at. The skeletons are life size and easily catches one's eye. I also
found it interesting that the skeleton on top, the more dominant one, had
it part of its skull where one's forehead and eyes are were gone. I thought
this might possibly be describing how it can’t see the destruction it was doing.