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Jon Mahnke, Skin Crawl series, Pigmented Inkjet, 2007
A big orange web? Is that what that is? It is called Skin Crawl Series, Pigmented Inkjet. What is pigmented inkjet? Totally befuddled I decide to sit a few and figure this thing out.

The over all color is a burnt orange, made up of lines that could be made by ink but that doesn’t mean I know what the process of pigmented inkjet is. The lines go every direction but they don’t crisscross in a harsh way. Each thing looks very serene and melodious, like there was a plan to it all. I walk up close the picture at get a different view.
All of the lines are made from tertiary colors in the orange color spectrum, from the lightest yellow orange, to the darkest almost red orange. All of these dark and light colors form the layers of the web. The darker red-oranges are in areas that seem to have the most layers, and the light colors are in areas of fewer layers. I decide to go up way close.
It looks like there is a light yellow under painting which adds to the harmony of the overall piece. The yellow keeps from having no jarring white stops as your eyes flow across the work. Another addition to the harmony is little breaks in the scene, like clouds in the sky. Little yellow background teardrop shaped circles break up the orange hash mark lines. The circles are about an inch and a half in size and they’re about a third of an inch from each other, all over. So you can imagine these little breaks are big part of this work.
The longer I stood in front of the work the more I liked it. All of the lines swirled me in, and the teardrop circles were a comfortable place to hang out.