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Jenny Schmid + Patrick Holbrook flash animation response

The work is really interesting. It is a flash animation mixed with cartoons, a green screen shot, and a real life images. It was really different from other kinds of flash animation that I have seen. I have never seen anyone really use that kind of style to do an animation.

It was very different. It was a very active animation. There was a lot going on. It seems like with new characters being put in it has a different story each time. I like the scene shots that were used for the background. I seem to give more life to the cartoons that was mainly just black and white. The use of the music also contributed to the animation making it more alive and active. It had a techno kind of ring to it. I especially enjoy the scene with the young man walking into the green forest followed by a curious melody.

As for the use of colors I thought it was good except with the same scene I did not like the red flashlight. The color did not seem to go well for the animation. It stood out too much and I tended to concentrate more on the red flashlight more then the surroundings of the scene. The second time I saw this scene I looked away from the flashlight and saw more things that were in the scene that maybe stood out because of the flashlight. Maybe the reason why it is red is because it is meant to draw our attention to the flashlight only. But over all I thought the animation was really good. If it were to stand up against all of the flash animation that I have seen so far this one will get the prize for being the most unique. It would standout from the rest but still be good enough to take its place in one of my favorite animation that I have seen so far.