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Kurtis Melby

scary kurt.jpg
I was born and raised here in Minneapolis. Although I have not lived anywhere else I have traveled a fair amount. I have visited relatives in a few states across the country and been to Mexico(three times), Costa Rica, and Argentina. I speak some Spanish because I my elementary school was Spanish immersion, which means about half of the classes were taught in Spanish. Unfortunately I rarely use my second language so I am forgetting it quickly.

In High School I started playing Ultimate(Frisbee), which is still my main hobby. In addition to that I like to play games of all kinds, including Bridge, Cranium, and Warcraft 3. I also see a lot of movies, partially because I work at a movie theater. My favorite movies are usually the non-blockbuster ones, or possibly foreign.

I have virtually no background in art. The only art I ever made was for required classes in school. My major is Computer Science. I chose this because I like solving problems and using computers. The downside is that I need to take a lot of math and physics, which are boring. I have taken a couple art related classes I have taken were Intro to Film, and a class studying Hitchcock and his films. My favorite part about movies is the visual aspect, especially when movies do something outside the norm, like Sin City. I took this class because it sounded like a fun combination of art and computers.