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MFA student exhibit response

The artwork that I found very interesting was the art piece called “Winded� by Sonja Peterson. It was created by Acrylic on Paper in 2007. It is a very cool artwork that is just one gigantic paper that was cut up to the final stage with many hidden things in it if not looks carefully.

Like I said the artwork is very cool and interesting. I was really confused as to why it was called “Winded�. I thought it was going to be an art piece about the wind. At first glance of the artwork I just say a big tree right in the middle. The branches reached out towards the two top corners and the roots stretched to the two-bottom corner. The tree itself was great. I could see that the artist put in a lot of time in the piece and got what she wanted in the end. I still could not see as to why the artwork was called “Winded�. Then I look more closely and found windmills hidden in the branches. Some of the branches were the windmills too. Even further in the artwork there were buildings. It was like a town in the sky, because I could not tell if there was a ground or not. It showed that the artwork had a lot of depth in it. It was a very interesting way of showing depth very different from what I am use to. Also I have never seem an artwork like this so it was interesting that it could be shown that way. It was well hidden because I mainly say the big tree in the middle. I did not even notice the little things in the work until I looked at it more closely. The lighting worked well in the piece even if it was on purpose for putting there or not. The whole artwork was one color so there was not much shading in it if the lights were not there.

I found the color to be a little bit boring and dull. It did not seem as alive as I thought it would after finding the hidden works in the art piece. Maybe if she added a little bit of color to keep the eyes moving. Because of the white wall there were some contrast but it only did so much that my eyes started to wonder off the artwork and made me look even harder to find out the reason for the title. That is the only thing I could think of to make it more better, because when I hear the word wind or winded I think of blues; cool colors or warm. I think some artist can only go so far with just the plain grays and white but overall it was a very cool and interesting work I would not mind see her other works and what she thinks of next.