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Michael Krueger. Xtra-Credit

The title of the artist's talk was Michael Krueger. Prints Drawings
and other things. And that was a true explanation to what the experience
was but I would add one more aspect to the title "and influences". I think
that was an important part of the lecture that I took away from Michael's

Michael says most of his work is narrative. Which I did not understand
until he showed us a piece based on old video games. It had the donkey
kong, and the mortal combat character in it. Two very different video game
guys. By bringing these two together a different story or feeling is
created. This I think is appropriation. much of his works were found things
that he either transformed or combined with other art works to create a new
narrative. Like his old high school notebook designs.
Michael found his old notebooks from high school which he had totally
doodled on the covers and throughout. He was a big heavy metal fan and he
recently added other images to his old books. He spoke of how he is really
interested in history and how he realized that in high school much of the
stuff taught is false. He was really influenced by this idea and would add
allot of Patriotic or war images over his Pink Floyd, and Alice Cooper type
During his lecture he mentioned more influences such as folk and blues
music, Early American Photography, Henry Darger, Goya and many more. Every
time he would present his work he would say what his influence was. He
suggested that students should find artist's that inspire them. When he
studies the artist's that he likes he gets inspired to his own work.
I am really glad I went to this event. Michael had a great sense of
humor and was entertaining. But the important message I would not have
gotten had I not attended is this. I should recognize my influences much
more than I do. I should study them and allow myself to be influenced by
them. This will help me to be inspired to produce.