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Nikki S. Lee

Nikki S. Lee is definitely a superb artist with much ambition as well as an incredible dedication to her art.

She takes herself, erases the slate that is her personality, and paints herself a whole new person based on many stereotypes that float through our society today. The funny thing however is the fact that she was taking these stereotypes and used them in such a way so that she was not insulting, but instead she became intriguing to others. After taking on these characters, Nikki would travel to wherever she needed to go to submerge herself into the culture that is what these stereotypes are based on, and she would do it for an extended period of time (try roughly 3 months 24/7), which shows her level of dedication. Some of these projects she embarked on are:
Hispanic Project
Tourist Project
Young Japanese school girl Project
The Swingers Project
Lesbian Project
Stripper Project
Business Woman
The Ohio Project

I believe that she is one of the most inspiring artist I have seen lately and it is refreshing to run across someone who is so dedicated to making compelling art and pulls out all of the stop signs to accomplish that.