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Patrick Holbrook Response

I choose to write my response on the piece called “I Asked 44
People to Draw a Floorplan of Seinfeld's Apartment�, which was collaborated
by Patrick Holbrook in 2000 that consisted of black marker drawings on
white paper. I found this to be a very intriguing piece of work because It
had taken a very popular show, Seinfeld, and asked people to recall what
one of the main character’s living areas looked like that the viewer should
have been very familiar with.
After observing all the of the drawings, it became very apparent
that not everyone had the same visual in their mind of what the apartment
looked like. It was very interesting to see the parallels and commonalties
between all the drawings, and what usually came out differently. For the
majority of the drawings, they included the main couch, a television, and
the idea of the kitchen in the right placement of the apartment. This is
expected since this is the area where the characters in the story spend
most of their time. However, the drawings began to differ wildly when it
came to the less specific areas of the apartment like the bathroom and
bedroom. Also in the area of scale and spacing, nearly all of the drawings
had their own style.
I believe Holbrook put these drawings together because he wanted
to show the difference and variety in how people visualize what they have
seen in the past. Even though it is not said on how familiar each person
was with the show when they created their own drawing, it still pulls off a
great individuality between them and creates an amazing piece to look at.