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Placement Gallery

Ben Boylan, Every Coldest Winter Balance, Ink On Found Wood

It first I could not believe what I was seeing. A little character guy on some found wood. I could not believe it because I wrote down the materials wrong. I read the materials as “Ink found on wood�. I thought what a cool thing, this guy named Ben found this art and decided to share it with the masses. How unselfish of him. Then my

dad told me to read the materials again “Ink on found wood�. That’s very different, isn’t it. My bad.
I still choose this piece to write on because the fact it looks like a doodle that someone just did on the fly. It is very simple, just a piece of wood with a pen drawing of a skinny folded over man that looks as if hes had enough of it all. The guy holds his head between his hands as if to scream, aaaaaaaahhhhhhh! My first reaction to this guy was to laugh. Everyone has felt that way before, I can relate. Ben Boylan really brought out the look of someone being at their witts end. Created by just a piece of throwaway looking wood and a pen.
I understand now why I may have transposed the words to be “Ink found on wood�. I myself am a guilty doodler, put a pen in my hand some of my morals go out the window. I think I wanted the materials to be “Ink found on wood� not “Ink on found wood�, because it meant I had some shared guilt in the pleasure of doing something a little naughty. Like writing on a piece of wood, in pen.