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Placement Gallery 1

There was a lot of great work at the Obsessive Compulsive Drawing exhibit, and I was really impressed with what I saw. Each artist had a unique style and approach to their art and it was really interesting to see them displayed together.

The artist who intrigued me the most was Nick Howard. There’s something startling and twisted about his drawings. The creatures are human-like in form, but are bent and manipulated enough so as to make them inhuman.
The first thing I was reminded of when saw “Book Page 34? was the movie Yellow Submarine. Howard’s creatures reminded me of some of the creatures The Beatles meet on their journey in the Yellow Submarine. I specifically remember a pair of kinky boot beasts that were fighting each other as The Beatles sail on by. They had great big mouths and tons of triangular pointy teeth. They also reminded me of some of the Blue Meanies they encounter when they’re trying to rescue Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. This specific drawing has a human-like creature smiling with four mouths filled with pointy rows of teeth. The creature is wearing a black cloak and matching Quaker hat. This drawing is almost identical to the one titled “Inescapable #1.? This figure is wearing the same outfit but has only three mouths, all of which seem to be grimacing. Howard has created an entire fantasy world that seems to be filled with a lot of drama and pain. This could be how Howard views the real world, and that people actually look like those creatures to him.