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Placement Gallery 2

Among the artists at the Obsessive Compulsive exhibit I enjoyed the art of Melissa Gahagan. All of her drawings have a unique fluid movement in them, even if what’s depicted is a stationary object.

Just as in Nick Howard’s case, Gahagan’s drawings all seem to take place in a fantasy world of her own design. As I was looking at the drawing titled “Home,? I was reminded of the animated French film Fantastic Planet. There’s a sequence in the movie that involves a young man who doesn’t understand the dangers of his surroundings, and is almost killed by a tentacle like creature that looks like the tree in “Home.? The way the people are portrayed also reminded me of the movie. They seem so small and nymph-like, especially in the drawing titled “All Tied Up.? The scene looks like it was taken from long ago, when people would dance (sometimes naked), under the moonlit sky, like in ancient Greece. I’m taking a Greek mythology class right now, so that’s why I thought of Greece specifically. I also love the giant birds in comparison with the human bodies. It adds a mystical feel to the drawing “Rootsr.? It almost looks like the giant bird is attached to the branch or rock itself. It looks like it’s all connected. Also, all of her drawings seem to take place at night or maybe in a foggy or dusty place. There’s an overall somber tone to her work. It gives off the sense that there’s more going on around the central image, and it’s left up to the imagination to figure out what that is.