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Placement Gallery response

I went to the Placement Gallery and found an interesting artwork that seemed very strange yet made me unable to walk away from. The artwork was by Ben Boylan and the work was called, “Whisper Low Priest.�

At a distance I found the work strange I did not know what I was looking at. It was a drawing with many curves and lines. The background was created with a mix of media that made it look very ancient. Because of the lines that were in the artwork it made my eyes move around to try and see were one line begins and where one line ends. In my opinion it was a very cool artwork. At first I thought it was a skull then I saw eyeballs. But because of the lines that waved around the work my eyes was unable to focus too much on one area. Many of the artworks that I enjoy are when they use shade I a way that makes my eyes move. Maybe that is the reason as to why this piece stood out from the others. His main use of shade is found near the bottom and lightens up as it heads up the paper. Also were the lines darkening really made the color bounce off each other even though there was not much color there.

As for the artwork I believe that it was great. As for the title I am still unable to see as to why it is called “Whisper Low Priest.� I do not see a priest, but I believe the lines were the whispers. I do not really know, mainly because I am not an artist and am unable to full grasp the true meaning. But that does not stop me from enjoying the artwork made by Ben Boylan.