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Placement Gallery Response

So basically, after viewing these drawings from the Placement Gallery, I felt a sense of obsessive-compulsive disorder myself. These drawings created an extremely unsettled feeling in me, and it made me want to see much more simple, colorful things. It is hard for me to even begin to explain what is going on in these drawings. There is so much going on in each drawing, that it is hard to even concentrate on certain parts. It seems obvious to me that all the madness going on in each piece of art has to do with all of the crazy things going through each of the artist’s heads, but it is hard for me to dig much deeper into it. I would like to learn more about Nick Howard’s drawings with everybody in the pictures having multiple mouths...some connected, some just people with sharp teeth. I would assume there is some kind of meaning behind this, or else they are just obsessive-compulsive ideas running through his mind, and he needs to get them out. Overall, I found the exhibit a little disturbing because there is so much happening, and it is a lot to wrap my mind around. After looking at this gallery, I could definitely go for a few minutes looking at something very simple and relaxing.