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Festival of Appropriation

While my visit to the Soap Factory to view the art work of Festival of Approriation I was confuse on where the building was located becuase the building wasn't what I expected it to be.

The Soap Factory was an abandon warehouse that seem like it was falling apart, so I had second thought about walking inside because it might have been the wrong building but, I took the risk and walked in and was amazed that it was the right building that I was looking for. Walking around and looking at the different art work was very cold because the building doesn't have any heat. But what caught my eye the most from the rest of the different art work was the map of North America that was made from smash up soda and beer cans. The artist that made this art piece is Brant Kingman, it was titled "America the Beautiful." I was amazed from it because I, myself, would have never thought that something that simple can make a wonderful art work. The amazing part is that the artist was even able to separate the different state from one another with the different color can.