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Philip James Hart


Born in the medium-sized town of Mankato, Minnesota, I was different from the other toddlers. Luckily, some might say, I stayed different. I've always striven for some sense of normalcy, but I've never gotten it quite right. Alas, I am young, and I know not what I want. I fancy myself the creative, intellectual type, but I am forever battling my own lethargy, and thus far laziness has won.

Consequently, my library of artwork is limited, almost nonexistent. I sometimes feel I lack the initiative and the patience to create anything worthwhile, and so disillusion is a constant companion of mine.

The "art" I do manage to produce is usually of, in my opinion at least, of low quality. A quick sketch, a hastily edited video, only a partial song. Most of my time is spent sleeping or doing nothing. I try to maintain a semi-regular journal which represents the extent of my commitment to my passions. I hope to take my interest and intuition for film and music and to incorporate them into something original and beautiful. My ultimate goal is to create my own elaborate, visually stunning stage pieces. But of course that will take years of planning and many millions of dollars which I do not have.

Currently I play guitar and keyboards casually, although I am not in a real band of any kind and I rarely record what I write. I'd like it if I could write, direct, edit, and perform the soundtracks for movies, since I am interested in all levels of film production. I know that seems like a lot of work and responsibility, but I'd like to think I could handle it all in the name of art.