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Rob Lyksett


My name is Rob I’m 18 years old, starting my 3rd year of classes at the University of Minnesota (I took a bunch of PSEO and CIS classes and whatnot); this is my first year living on campus and being enrolled full time. It’s a big change of pace, and Im still adapting to the full college experience, but really finding myself loving a lot of it. I am undecided on exactly what I want to do for my major, but I definitely want to do something within the field of digital imagery and animation.

I am passionate about drawing, visual design, and animation. I have done a lot of work with graphics and imagery in the past, and want to use my time at the university to go in depth to the study of digital imagery and animation programs like photoshop and flash (so, this is a great class for me!). I have a lot left to learn, but I’m very excited to get going. I am beginning to (or hoping to) get my feet wet with study in cartooning, advertising art, graphic design, and medical animation, all of which are very interesting to me. A friend of mine does 3-dimensional animation for the Minnesota Vikings, and he has been one of my most inspirational and helpful career advisors.
Ok so there’s all the generic stuff, but I could still tell you a bit more about myself. The most important thing in my life is the people I love; my family, my girlfriend, and my friends. I would not be the person I am today without them, and I am thankful to have them in my life every day.
I come from the southeast suburbs of the twin cities, and I went to high school in a small charter school up near Rosevile (one of the best experiences of my life, as it helped me get exposed to lots of new things, meet AMAZING people, and offered lots of great options to me like PSEO).
I like to spend my free time drawing, doing martial arts, and playing music. I love to watch movies too, especially stuff with good animation/special effects. My favorites have got to be Jurassic Park, Spiderman 2, Constantine, Sin City, and then of course some great comedies like Jay and Silent Bob, Harold and Kumar, Young Frankenstein, and Superbad.